My name is Marek Kulhavý. You may know me as Mára Čmára.

I´m profesional illustrator based in Prague. I focus mainly on editorial illustration, illustrating magazine covers, posters or making comics. My work is specific for its distinctive colors and combination of analogue and digital media. Illustration is a means of communication, which is why I always approach it with a modern attitude. I can illustrate articles, magazines, book covers, music record covers, comics, websites, mural art designs and many more. There is no limit to imagination.


Good Looking Studio, Absolut, Charles University, McCann, Silky Gang,  Zichovec brewery, Lógr magazine, RedWay magazine, Raw Art Wrestling,
Scout institute 



Marek Kulhavý
email: mara.kulhavy@gmail.com

phone: +420 732 113 436

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