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The Silky Gang brand specializes in producing high-quality silk scarves featuring motifs from wellknown fairy tales. I was approached by the brand to create an illustration for the famous story "Alice in Wonderland."
At the center of the illustration is Alice falling into the rabbit hole, surrounded by key characters and objects from the fairy tale.

SILKY gang

Client | Silky Gang

Year | 2020

While working on this illustration, it was crucial to ensure that it retains its level of detail when resized for various scarf dimensions. The color scheme of the scarf was designed to harmonize with the recurring motif of heart cards, serving as a distinctive complement to the entire outfit. The final illustration was further enhanced with a patterned edge, and the entire scarf was ultimately animated.

Photography: Michaela Džurná | Styling: Martina Karafiátová - Silky Gang MUAH Lenka Fritschová | Video: Robin Štrégl

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