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This mural was created in collaboration with the Drawetc studio as part of the advertising campaign for the company DM. The campaign's core idea was "What makes human beings beautiful?". As a result, this painting, spanning over twenty meters, came to life. During the painting process, colors were used that also purify the surrounding air.

Client | DM

Year | 2022

dm hRadčansKá

Agency | DRAWetc.

Location | Prague

This painting was created as part of the Hong Kong festival HK Walls. The motif was based on the owner's request to depict a rabbit, which is a symbol of the Chinese New Year 2023. The original design was initially conceived for a different wall, requiring on-site adjustments to accommodate the new dimensions.

Client | HK Walls

Year | 2023

hK WaLLs

Location | Hong Kong


Personal Project

Year | 2023

Location | Mama Coffee


The mural in the Mama Coffee café interior is part of the "Flos" exhibition. It refers to houseplants that adorn the entire café, creating a small jungle. The main theme of this exhibition became a tiger that inhabits this metaphorical jungle. The painting was color-coordinated to avoid overly disrupting the café's interior while still remaining a distinctive element.

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