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Client | Reflection

Year | 2022

Sunset Boulevard are summer music events featuring DJ EKG, taking place at sunset on castles in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The illustrations for this collection work with the essence of the entire event, combining its basic elements into one motif.

SUnseT BouLevARD


Client | Reflection

Year | 2023

The Elements collection has emerged from a collaboration with the Slovak artist Majk Spirit. The motif draws inspiration from his album "Playlist." The illustration has been carefully tuned to authentically reflect both the fundamental essence of the entire album and Majk's personality.

daRK SIde of The moon

The clothing collection for the brand Fairytale was conceived with the concept of a fairytale amusement park on the Moon. Building upon this idea, three illustrations were created that blend sci-fi motifs with classic elements from amusement parks. The client expressed a desire to incorporate several important elements for them, such as a roller coaster, a dragon, and the park's entrance gate.

Client | Fairytale

Year | 2021

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